Tuesday, 30 April 2013

10 Shoegaze Songs

Three weeks ago I went on holiday to my parents' house in Spain. I had been listening to quite a lot of shoegaze music lately and wanted to create something around it. Being back at my old room was the perfect moment for it, I chose 10 songs from 10 different bands and decided to make short muted clips inspired by those songs - it was also the perfect opportunity to use the Hi8 camera I bought a few months ago and that I had only used for the Girls on Film videos.

Hope you like this little project! There are more stills on my website:

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Zine Review #82: Adventitious 01

Today's second review, Adventitious 01, is a very special one. Mariya Ustymenko and Carlos Cancela Pinto, the editors of Adventitious, contacted me a few months ago to see if I would be interested in participating in a zine they were putting together. They asked me if I'd like to set a brief for a new photography zine and I agreed, of course.

Adventitious 01 is the result to my brief: HOME. When Mariya and Carlos messaged me, I had decided to finish my series "I used to live here" a couple of months before that. "I used to live here" is a collection of memories from all the places I lived from 2009 until 2012. During that time, I moved cities and even countries a few times and the word "home" had somehow lost its meaning to me. 

Adventitious 01 showcases four photography series by Mariya Ustymenko, Carlos Cancela Pinto, Marija Strajnic and Carla Andrade. Each of this series is a response to the word "home" and what it represents to these artists.

The result is beautiful and I love how each of these artists has decided to give their own meaning to the brief. Carla has shot some stunning landscapes of her hometown in northern Spain, Carlos explains how the notion of "home" has changed from a place to a way of living, Marija has decided to portray and classify her personal belongings based on the type of object and colour, and Mariya has captured the light of her new home in East Anglia, far away from her native Kiev.

I'd like to thank Mariya and Carlos for all their hard work and really hope to see a new brief and second issue of Adventitious soon! If you'd like to purchase a copy of the first issue and support this project, you can do it here.

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Sunday Zine Review #81: Pudim 00

Today's first review is Pudim #00 by Portuguese collective I hate Bandages.

I Hate Bandages define themselves as a "for the moment" collective that gets together every once in a while to create new things lik t-shirts, prints or posters.

They also make zines, and Pudim is their most recent publication. This zine features work by some of the collective's friends, including names like Adriana Pacheco, Catherina Cardoso, Erica Lou and Joao Sobral. 

From holiday snapshots to abstract illustrations, Pudim's pages showcase the work of all these different artists creating a very interesting selection of images that represent well the collective's manifesto: " we want to share things we like and learn with others,and maybe motivate people to keep doing things just because they want to."

You can find more information about Pudim on the zine's Tumblr.

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Doldan Sisters x Makelovelovemake

Last Christmas I shot a little lookbook for new label Makelovelovemake, it has taken a while but the photos are finally out.  The models were my friends Amalia and Marta Doldan, whom I had shot many times before so it was fun to spend one day with them making the lookbook.

There are some more photos from the lookbook here on my website!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Zine Review #80: Rewilding by Cass Bird

I bought Rewilding by Cass Bird almost a year ago now, but have received so many zine submissions that I've been leaving it apart! I've spent this week in Spain at my parents' house and had some photos of Rewilding in my laptop, so it's the perfect time to write some words about this beautiful book.

I love Cass Bird's work and since I discovered her a few years ago, I've been a huge fan of her portraits and fashion photographs. Cass has this special ability to make everything look so simple and yet so beautiful. All of her models look relaxed, comfortable and it even seems like they've been friends with Cass for ages. 

Cass shot Rewilding in the summers of 2009 and 2010 in Sassafras, Tennessee. She chose a group of women that represented modern femininity and portrayed them in this idyllic setting racing across open fields, interacting with each other and wearing some tutus that Cass brought for the shoot. 

The result is a stunning photo essay that shows a different take on female beauty and that it's the perfect introduction to Cass' work. You can find more about it on Cass Bird's website.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Peace for Nylon Guys Magazine

A couple of months ago I received an email, just before going to sleep, asking if I wanted to shoot for Nylon - I was really excited even though I didn't know what I was going to shoot.

After a couple of emails, they asked me if I was available on Monday (I think this happened on a Thursday)  to shoot Peace in Glasgow. I work full-time but I had taken the day off because it was my birthday the next day, so luckily enough I was able to say yes.

This was my first band shoot so the day before I was quite nervous, mainly because I wasn't sure how I was gonna direct them and didn't really want to turn it into a fashion shoot. Once I arrived to Glasgow it all went very well, met the band and the guy who was gonna be interviewing them and we all headed to the location I had in mind (some Glaswegian massive buildings, of course). I shot for around 20 minutes and that was it! The guys were playing that night in Glasgow but, living in Edinburgh, I couldn't go (reminder to myself - move back to Glasgow).

The shot and the interview is now out on the May issue of Nylon Guys. There are more pictures at bigger size on my website!

Thanks to Rachel Lamb for coming with me and helping! Make sure you check her photographs!

Also, if you're reading this and happen to be an editor of a music magazine message me on contact@igortermenon.com. Now I can say that I'm available for music commissions :D

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Zine Review #79: Attention Seekers by Miriam O'Connor

I should have reviewed this book months ago but started to receive more and more submissions and was delaying it until I saw it again when I moved flats a month and a half ago.

Attention Seekers is published by independent German publisher Pogo Books. Pogo's catalogue offers a great variety of photography books by emerging and up-and-coming artists like Chad Moore or Jean-Michael Seminaro, whose books I've reviewed here before.

In Attention Seekers, Irish photographer Miriam O'Connor pays homage to those curious details we tend to ignore in our busy daily life. From wall textures and corners to the way a tablecloth falls, Miriam's eye see all these obvious details in a different way and creates a collection of beautiful and unexpected images.

Make sure you visit Pogo Books for more information about this and other titles.

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Zine Review #78: Vegas


Vegas is the new photo zine by Sunday Zine Review friend Michael J DeMeo and emerging film director Joseph Zentil.

Michael is known for his raw and direct photography, as well as for his editor role in No Thoughts zine. I really like how Michael captures everything that surrounds him and Vegas is another great example of how Michael's eye works.

Shot in August 2012, Vegas is a collection of personal images taken by Michael and Joseph during a trip to the infamous American city. The photographer and director describe the book as "a a photo-diary,  a week spent among friends in the desert, a voyeuristic glimpse into the life of young creatives on holiday."

Vegas is a collection of all those holiday moments -including the wedding between Michael and No Thought's co-founder Alyssa Noches- all portrayed in black and white and following Michael's characteristic style.

Vegas is a limited edition of 100 copies and is now available at No Thougts online shop.

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Monday, 1 April 2013

Pattison Street for Fucking Young

I shot this editorial 3 weeks ago for Fucking Young. Had been wanting to do some British-inspired menswear for a while, I had a chat with my friend Danielle Coates and she put together the amazing styling for the shoot!

The model is Ben Nugent @ Colours, who's only 16! It was he's first editorial and he did a great job.

We were quite lucky with the weather - I wasn't sure if we would have to cancel the same morning of the shoot due to the rain. It was pretty cloudy but it worked well with the styling and the theme for the editorial.

If you like the pictures above, there are more on my website: 

Also, last Friday I shot my first editorial using a Contax T2. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and the photos have turned out great! I also shot my first fashion film, using a Hi8 camera. I'm really excited about the overall result so hopefully the shoot and video will be published soon!