Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Zine Review #71: Stay Young 02

I have a few reasons to believe that second issues are always more exciting than first issues. Currently, there's lots of people starting editorial projects and, maybe due to the lack of time and dedication, some of them just die after the first issue.

Second issues are also usually better than the first issue.The editors have gained experience and knowledge and this can be observed in the second issues. They now know who their readers are and aren't afraid of experimenting with little changes such as the design or format.

After receiving the second issue of Stay Young I felt that I needed to write this little introduction, mainly to say thanks to Paul Nelson for having published a second issue which meets everything mentioned above - something that it's not as easy as it may seem.

The editorial line of Stay Young has remained the same as in the first issue (which I reviewed here a few months ago), showcasing great photos by photographers from all around the world. Inside its pages there are images taken by some really familiar names to anyone interested in the current emerging photography scene: Lukasz Wierzbowski, Zara Pfeifer, Levi Mandel and Pia Riverola just to name a few.

But although the editorial line of the zine hasn't changed, there are a few details in this second issue which make it even greater. The cover features two cut-outs to insert one of the photos provided by Paul, making it interchangeable (simple but clever idea), and the format has changed from A3 newspaper to A5 printed in a really nice quality paper and making it more lasting.

Stay Young 02 is now available to pre-order so head to Editions Ltd. page and get your copy!

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

La Carniceria

I'm really happy to be part of La Carniceria, a pop-up store selling affordable photographs located in a food market in Madrid!

The organizers of this innovative project have transformed a butcher's stall into an art store that opens its doors tomorrow. This pop-up store will run until Saturday 23rd February and visitors will be able to purchase photos by Spanish and international artists at really reasonable prices.

All the photos from my series Spectrum will be available, along with the work of other photographers I really admire!

Where: Mercado Anton Martin
When: Wed 20th - Saturday 23rd February (12 - 8pm)
More info: Tumblr & Facebook


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Zine Review #70: Women

Portuguese publisher O Panda Gordo has become good friends with the Sunday Zine Review. I've talked about João Sobral's project before and today I'm writing about the latest zine he has released, Women.

Women features the work of Matilde Viegas, a Portuguese photographer and a very familiar name to me because she was published in Girls on Film, the photography zine I edit, a few months ago.

In Women, the Porto photographer collects a selection of portraits of the women who have become special to Matilde while living in this Portuguese city. In the zine introduction Matilde says "Ever since I've moved to Porto, I feel there has been a change in me...I know this change has its cause in somewhere else: it came from the women I've met here".

Women is a beautiful selection of portraits shot with film cameras, capturing special moments of all these women who have been important to her. Matilde also says "This is my memorial, my vow, my love for them", and without knowing these women, you can really tell the devotion Matilde feels for them. 

If you want to know a little more about Women, you can do it on O Panda Gordo's website.

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Sunday Zine Review #69: Macho Picchu #01

What I like the most about reviewing zines is when I have the chance to write about the very first issue of a new publication. It's really exciting to see that the zine scene keeps on growing everywhere around the world and that some really interesting projects are being published.

Today's zine comes from Vilnius, Lithuania. Mačo pikču (Macho Picchu) is a a zine and also an independent publisher specialising in collaborative printed media projects published in small editions. 

Issue 01 explores "machoism", interpreted by 12 local and international artists. From illustrations and collage to essays and photography, it's interesting to see how all these artist share their very different visions about this topic.

The first issue of Macho Picchu is 40 pages long, in A5 format, and part of a limited edition of 50 copies. If you're interesting in finding out more about the zine, you can do it on its website or Facebook Page.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Winner of Zinio Giveaway

Here are the lucky winners from last week's zinio Giveaway. You'll receive a message soon asking about the magazine subscription you'd like.

1. Claudio Troncoso
2. Panic - Veronica
3. Lauren
4. Olivier
5. Boys About Town
6. LaPremioQueen
7. Ellis O'Connor
8. Margaret Kay
9. Pablo Curto

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Zine Review #68: dienacht #12

Calin Kruse, the editor of dienacht magazine, messaged me a couple of weeks ago to talk about his publication. dienacht is a biannual magazine for photography, design, subculture published in Germany (with German and English text) and featuring the work of international artists.

The first thing I loved about the magazine was the format: a size slightly smaller than A5 with an almost square shape. These dimensions, along with the great paper quality and binding, make this publication feel more like a book than a magazine.

The variety of the portfolios presented in this issue makes it also really interesting. I had never heard about the photographers featured so it was great to discover Marco Vernaschi's Biophilia series about exploring the increasing trend of reconnecting with the natural world, or Dennis Dailleux photos of Ghana.

Although the main focus of the publication is on photography, dienacht has also space for other disciplines like graphic design and mixed media. 

The final pages of the magazine are dedicated to one of my favourite things -yes, you guessed right- zine, magazine and book reviews focusing on photography.

The last issue of dienacht is a limited edition of 1,000 copies and it's only 7€. If you want to find more information about it, you can do it on the magazine's website.

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I'm also giving away 9 digital magazine subscriptions, if you want to find out how to get one just head to this blog post to know more about it! 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Future Positive: Amy Dolan

I'm really happy to share with you the latest project I've been involved in. Last Sunday, Jakub and I launched Future Positive, a website where we want to document the work of creative individuals and inspire people to start their own projects.

I've taken the photos and Jakub has filmed the nice video below for our first interview with Amy Dolan, creator and maker of Ziggy Sawdust. If you want to read the full interview and have a look at more photos you can do it here.

Also, if you'd enjoyed the website it would be great if you could support the project by liking it on Facebook and following on Twitter. Thank you!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Zinio Giveaway

A few weeks ago I discovered Zinio, a digital newsstand with magazines from all around the world. If you read my blog regularly, you must have noticed that I'm a huge print magazines fan but I have to admit that I also read some digital publications, especially those that are hard to find.

When I came across Zinio while using my iPad I found it amazing, mainly because of the huge amount of magazines they offer! 

The prices of the subscriptions are also another reason to start using Zinio. I found them cheaper than other similar platforms and they also have lots of offers. Right now for example, they're offering 2 x 1 year subscriptions for the price of one on selected magazines.

I've been approached by Zinio to run a giveaway on my blog. They've offered me 10 magazine subscriptions, I'm keeping one of them (it's gonna be hard to decide with so many options) so I still have 9 to give away between everyone who leaves a comment below with their name and email address!

The winners will be announced soon here on my blog!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Zine Review #67: Deutsche Qualität by Maycec

Maycec (Cécile Mayot) is a French graphic designer who is also interested in zines. Cécile messaged me a couple of weeks ago to show me Deutsche Qualität, a photography zine showcasing images taken by Céline Marioni and Cécile.

If you follow my blog, you might have read that I spent some days in Berlin last November. Deutsche Qualität collects little moments from this city and after flipping through its pages, it really made me want to book a couple of days off from work and visit Berlin again.

In Deutsch Qualität, Céline and Cécile snap the still life of Berlin, creating a collection of the images that represent the diversity of this city. 

If you're interested in knowing a little more about the zine, you can do it on Maycec's website.

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Saturday, 2 February 2013