Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Zine Review #71: Stay Young 02

I have a few reasons to believe that second issues are always more exciting than first issues. Currently, there's lots of people starting editorial projects and, maybe due to the lack of time and dedication, some of them just die after the first issue.

Second issues are also usually better than the first issue.The editors have gained experience and knowledge and this can be observed in the second issues. They now know who their readers are and aren't afraid of experimenting with little changes such as the design or format.

After receiving the second issue of Stay Young I felt that I needed to write this little introduction, mainly to say thanks to Paul Nelson for having published a second issue which meets everything mentioned above - something that it's not as easy as it may seem.

The editorial line of Stay Young has remained the same as in the first issue (which I reviewed here a few months ago), showcasing great photos by photographers from all around the world. Inside its pages there are images taken by some really familiar names to anyone interested in the current emerging photography scene: Lukasz Wierzbowski, Zara Pfeifer, Levi Mandel and Pia Riverola just to name a few.

But although the editorial line of the zine hasn't changed, there are a few details in this second issue which make it even greater. The cover features two cut-outs to insert one of the photos provided by Paul, making it interchangeable (simple but clever idea), and the format has changed from A3 newspaper to A5 printed in a really nice quality paper and making it more lasting.

Stay Young 02 is now available to pre-order so head to Editions Ltd. page and get your copy!

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