Saturday, 29 March 2014

Young Fathers

A couple of months ago I shot alternative hip-hop trio Young Fathers for the programme of Dutch music festival WTWTA. Young Fathers are based here in Edinburgh and this year everyone is talking about them so just give them a listen if you haven't done it yet!

You can find more images from the shoot on my website:


Thursday, 20 March 2014

10 Shoegaze Songs T-Shirts

Last month, I decided to create a few t-shirts with the 'Just Like Honey' (The Jesus and Mary Chain) image from my personal series/video '10 Shoegaze Songs'. I first talked about them on Facebook and people seemed to like them so decided to order a second batch and also include another one with the 'Sometimes' (My Bloody Valentine) image.
For those of you who haven't seen '10 Shoegaze Songs' before, it is a small personal project I developed one year ago while I was back at my parents' home in Spain for Easter. I filmed the video with a Hi8 camera and took 10 stills representing 10 of my favourite shoegaze songs.

The photos below are from a shoot I did with blogger Melisa Minca in Edinburgh. If you're interested in the t-shirt you can buy it here:

You can buy the t-shirts at:

Monday, 10 February 2014

I Heart Magazine Glasgow issue

Last November I was contacted by French Magazine I Heart to shoot an editorial for them. This quarterly publication travels to a new city in every issue and last autumn its team came to Scotland for a couple months to work on I Heart Glasgow.

For this editorial, we moved around the city and we visited a few of my favourite photography locations in Glasgow: Barrowland, the concrete buildings of Sighthill, the M8 motorway across the city centre... Despise a horrible weather forecast (foggy and almost no visibility) the night before the shoot, the sun shone during the whole day and we managed to have some amazing light.

You can buy a copy of the magazine if you live in France or you can also order it here.
The whole editorial is now on my website as well:

Sunday, 2 February 2014

6 photographs of London

Last week I went to London for a company meeting with my day job and decided to stay for the weekend. I hadn't been in London in ages so it was good to catch up with some friends, meet new people and shoot a fashion editorial that you'll see really soon! 

Also, come back in a few days to see the editorial I shot for I Heart Magazine in Glasgow in November. The magazine was out yesterday and you can get a copy if you live in France. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

ALOHA TATÁ S/S 14 Campaign


Last Christmas during my trip to Spain, I left my hometown for a few days to travel to Asturias and shot the first campaign of forthcoming fashion label ALOHA TATÁ.

I studied my Bachelor Degree in Asturias and I always try to spend some days there every time I travel to Spain. I love Asturias and I loved the location that Aida Menendez, the founder of ALOHA TATÁ , had chosen for the campaign - a beautiful cabin located in a little village close to Ribadesella.

During our early drive from Gijon to the cabin we were crossing our fingers, hoping the weather was nice. It seemed to work. The sun shone all morning and even the temperature wasn't that bad at all for being December 28th!

I shot Sol, whom I had photographed a few times before, inside the cabin and at the beach just next to it. She looked amazing and the clothes and location worked great together.
If you've enjoyed this little preview, you can see more photos from the campaign on my website:
And don't forget to follow ALOHA TATÁ on Facebook to keep updated about the launch of her online shop this February!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 in photos

I'm not the kind of person who usually makes lists compiling the best of the year, and I don't enjoy that much to look back and see what has happened in 2013, but I thought it would be nice to select a few photos I took during this year and write a little about the story behind them.

2013 has been a good year for my photography. My style has evolved and is now more defined, and I have started to get more paid commissions which, of course, is always good.

Hope you enjoy this selection and I'll see you really soon in 2014 with some new photos!

This is a photo of Daniel, from the first part of my on-going series A Day in Glasgow. I started this project to document and pay homage to a city that inspires me every time I visit it.

This is the last photo I took in my old bedroom in Edinburgh before moving to a new flat. Although the room was quite dark during most of the day, the light in the morning was always beautiful.

I took this photo of my friend Marta when I went to visit my parents in Spain in April. The cherry trees close to my parents' house were blossoming and all the area was really beautiful with the first signs of Spring.

I took this photo of English band Peace for Nylon Guys in Glasgow in February, just the day before my Birthday. This was my first band shoot and also the first time working for Nylon Guys.

This is an image from my editorial After School, which I shot in the area around my flat in Edinburgh with stylist Katherine Whyte, MUA Caron Tait and models Sophie Crooks and Ciara Rafferty. It was my first time using the Contax T2 which I had bought just a couple of weeks before and loved the result!

I took this photo during my trip to Wroclaw, Poland, in October. The block behind the trees is an iconic building of the city, designed by architect Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak in the 1960s. It is part of a 6-building complex known as the ""Wroclaw's Manhattan".

This is a still from my video and personal project 10 Shoegaze Songs. I filmed it over a couple of days when I visited Spain in April using a hi8 camera, which I also used for filming another couple of videos in 2013.

This photo of model Ben Nugent is part of the editorial Pattison Street I shot for menswear website Fucking Young. It was styled by my friend Danielle Coates and was also shot really close to my flat in Edinburgh.

This is another image from my project A Day in Glasgow. The girl in the photo is Penelope Joan Gillies and it was taken just outside Kelvingrove museum.

This is my friend Amalia in her old flat. The image is part of a small lookbook I shot for t-shirt label Makelovelovemake last January.

I toook this photo of Jakub in August. He was, of course, hating having his photo taken but the light was amazing and had to be used...

And this is how I looked like in 2013.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Recent publications

Over the last month I've had some work published in a couple of magazines. Last Friday I received a copy of the latest issue of Material Girl magazine with my editorial After School in it. It was great to also find Lara Alegre in there with a beautiful editorial. Lara is a Spanish photographer whose work has been published in Girls on Film a few times and whom I met on my trip to Berlin last year.

In this issue there is also work by Girls on Film contributors Flora Deborah and Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert so I'd definitely recommend buying a copy if you can find it in your town!

Here are some photos of the magazine, you can see the rest of the editorial on my website.

I've also had a photo published and I've been interviewed in the "light issue" of Korean magazine AVEC. They chose a photo from my personal series "I Used to Live Here" and asked me a few questions about it and my work. There are also some other familiar photographers in this issue like Katherine Squier and Sandra Eichinger.

And finally, I've decided to use my Instagram account to post some of my work and behind the scenes there. Here's a photo from the shoot for I Heart Magazine in Glasgow last month. The editorial will be out in January!