Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Zine Review #66: Mr. Spoqui #39

Mr. Spoqui can be now considered a regular here on the Sunday Zine Review. It's always great when the Baeza siblings send me the latest issue of their zine because it really puts me in a good mood.

For those of you who are new to the Sunday Zine Review, have a look a the previous reviews and an interview with one of Mr. Spoqui's creators here.

Mr. Spoqui is one of the zines I like to keep in my bag and carry with me everywhere. Even if it's a zine you could finish reading in probably less than 30min, I always like to take it with me and enjoy it throughout a week. I read one of the short comics on the bus to work or one of the texts just before going to bed - I believe that's the way Mr. Spoqui should be enjoyed!

Issue #39 is dedicated to magic and, as always, the zine is packed with great photographs, comics and text around the topic. Each of the Baeza siblings and some new contributors have collaborated to create a very special issue where some of the best magic secrets are revealed!

If you're interested in this issue, make sure you visit Mr. Spoqui website to find out more about it and get yourself a copy to start building your Mr. Spoqui collection!!

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Zine Review #65: No Thoughts #09


Michael J DeMeo and Alyssa Noches' zine, No Thoughts, is a regular on the Sunday Zine Review. This photography zine has become a cult publication known for the rawness and aesthetics of the portraits featured in it and now it is on its 9th edition with an issue dedicated to music.

For most of us, music plays an important role in our lives and Michael and Alyssa have decided to celebrate this fact collecting a selection of music portraits by 32 emerging and established photographers.

Some highlights from this issue include Gavin Thomas' cover shot of Jim Jones, Brad Elterman's archive photos of Joey Ramone and Phil Spector, Olivia Locher's portrait of Matthew Dear, ASAP Rocky shot by Evan Tetreault and Dania Shihab's interpretation of Withney Houston.

No Thoughts 09 is only $7 and based on the success of the previous issues this one will also sell out fast! If you want to find more information and a full list of photographers on  No Thoughts website

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Sunday Zine Review #64: Fused Minds


It's always good to discover the work of new publishers from all around the world, so when the guys from Zimmer17 messaged me and asked if I wanted to review one of their latest publications, I agreed of course!

Zimmer17 is a collective of photographers based in Germany. On their website, you can find their individual portfolios as well as collaborative works like Fused Minds. 

Fused Minds collects the work of the 6 members of the collective: Christian Conrad, Daniel Harders, Marina Jerkovic, Lars Kiss, Susann Probst and Yannic Schon. Still life and portraits are mixed to provide an insight into these photographer's work.

Fused Minds is a special edition of only 180 copies and I must say the printing and paper quality are excellent so wouldn't be surprise if they sell out soon! If you want to find more information about the collective and this publication, you can do it here.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Have an EWAN day


One month ago I had the honour of shooting again for Ewan Clothing

Ewan is a Spanish label, based in Asturias, the region where I studied my degree. This label was established in 2007 and has grown and changed a lot since then. What started as a collection of graphic t-shirts has evolved into a great selection of garments and two new collections every year.

While I was studying in Gijón a couple of years ago I shot their F/W 10 campaign so it was great to collaborate with them again and here in Scotland!

This time I prepared a photoshoot for the label in Edinburgh using clothes from their current collection and based around their motto "Have an Ewan Day"

You can see the full series of photos at a bigger size on my website:

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped!

Jamie Walker & Meg Johannessen for posing in front of my camera and looking great in the photos,

Caitlyn Beryl Warther for helping me out again, assisting during the photoshoot and finding the amazing house where we took part of the photos.

Jakub Michalski for helping that day and filming a video that might come out (or not) soon!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Zine Review #63: Agua Pura

It's been a while since I last posted an illustration zine review, but when Kathleen Itch messaged me about Agua Pura and told me the story behind it, I knew there was a place for it on my blog.

Kathleen works as a paramedic in the north of England and last September she decided to take a month off to work as a volunteer at the US/Mexico border. The pages of Agua Pura illustrate this month providing humanitarian aid to people crossing the desert.

It's been quite shocking to read about Kathleen's experience and finding out more about all these people walking for weeks with no food or water for a minimal chance of crossing the border. Being from Spain, I'm familiar with the challenges African immigrants have to deal with to try to get into my country but didn't know that much about the North American situation.

I love the way Kathleen writes about this month, mixing sad moments with some funny and life-changing instants. The drawings recreate her experience in the border and are a vital part to understand what Kathleen went through.

This zine might be slightly different to what I usually post in here but I definitely recommend getting a copy to learn more about the situation in the US/Mexico border. If you're interested, you can contact Kathleen at

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Sunday Zine Review #62: Divina Comedia by Manuela Costalima

Not so long ago, I reviewed a couple of zines that Matheus Chiaratti from Companhia Rapadura sent me. A few days after sending those publications, Matheus also posted a zine made by his friend Manuela Costalima.

Manuela is a Brazilian photographer who's currently finishing her degree in architecture and urbanism. She's also part of the collective Companhia Rapadura and is the intriguing mind behind this small zine.

And I say intriguing because that's how I felt after flipping through the 20 pages of this A6 zine. The selection of images leaves you wondering what made her took all those photographs, and that's why I find Divina Comedia so interesting.

The rest of her work is also quite mysterious and definitely worth taking a look at! If you're interested in Divina Comedia you can find more information about it here.

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