Thursday, 10 January 2013

Have an EWAN day


One month ago I had the honour of shooting again for Ewan Clothing

Ewan is a Spanish label, based in Asturias, the region where I studied my degree. This label was established in 2007 and has grown and changed a lot since then. What started as a collection of graphic t-shirts has evolved into a great selection of garments and two new collections every year.

While I was studying in Gijón a couple of years ago I shot their F/W 10 campaign so it was great to collaborate with them again and here in Scotland!

This time I prepared a photoshoot for the label in Edinburgh using clothes from their current collection and based around their motto "Have an Ewan Day"

You can see the full series of photos at a bigger size on my website:

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped!

Jamie Walker & Meg Johannessen for posing in front of my camera and looking great in the photos,

Caitlyn Beryl Warther for helping me out again, assisting during the photoshoot and finding the amazing house where we took part of the photos.

Jakub Michalski for helping that day and filming a video that might come out (or not) soon!