Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Zine Review #79: Attention Seekers by Miriam O'Connor

I should have reviewed this book months ago but started to receive more and more submissions and was delaying it until I saw it again when I moved flats a month and a half ago.

Attention Seekers is published by independent German publisher Pogo Books. Pogo's catalogue offers a great variety of photography books by emerging and up-and-coming artists like Chad Moore or Jean-Michael Seminaro, whose books I've reviewed here before.

In Attention Seekers, Irish photographer Miriam O'Connor pays homage to those curious details we tend to ignore in our busy daily life. From wall textures and corners to the way a tablecloth falls, Miriam's eye see all these obvious details in a different way and creates a collection of beautiful and unexpected images.

Make sure you visit Pogo Books for more information about this and other titles.

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