Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Zine Review #81: Pudim 00

Today's first review is Pudim #00 by Portuguese collective I hate Bandages.

I Hate Bandages define themselves as a "for the moment" collective that gets together every once in a while to create new things lik t-shirts, prints or posters.

They also make zines, and Pudim is their most recent publication. This zine features work by some of the collective's friends, including names like Adriana Pacheco, Catherina Cardoso, Erica Lou and Joao Sobral. 

From holiday snapshots to abstract illustrations, Pudim's pages showcase the work of all these different artists creating a very interesting selection of images that represent well the collective's manifesto: " we want to share things we like and learn with others,and maybe motivate people to keep doing things just because they want to."

You can find more information about Pudim on the zine's Tumblr.

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