Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday Zine Review #77: Of The Afternoon 02

Of The Afternoon is a contemporary photography magazine founded in April 2012 as a platform for new and emerging photographers to share their work with a wider audience.

Phil, the editor of Of The Afternoon, messaged me a couple of weeks ago to show me the magazine and after receiving the second issue and seeing how great it is, I decided to ask him some questions about his publication.

I've really enjoyed the second issue of Of The Afternoon, flicking through its pages has become a great way to spend this Sunday's afternoon. Could you tell me a little more about Of The Afternoon and yourself?

I graduated from a photography degree last year and started working in a gallery in London with the aim of eventually curating. While working there I had no real input into the creative side of things, so decided to start publishing work that I found interesting through Of The Afternoon. 

It started off as just a blog where I occasionally posted work that I found interesting.  As it began to receive more attention, it lead to me being able to publish the first issue in December last year.

I've seen that Of The Afternoonstarted as an online project. It's interesting to see that many online projects are turning into something physical. Did you always have in mind creating a print version of the blog when you started it, or would you consider it a natural evolution?

I always wanted to publish Of The Afternoon in print.  Viewing work online can be great, but nothing will ever compare to the printed image, especially when it's done well.  Releasing a regular publication also helps to separate Of The Afternoon from the 1000's of other blogs that are out there, I definitely don't want Of The Afternoon to get lost amongst all of them.

Do you have any future plans for Of The Afternoon?Based on the content of the magazine, I'd say that an exhibition looks like the next step!

I'll be focusing a lot more attention to the online side of things for the time being to try and grow the audience and build interest for the release of Issue #3, which I imagine will be released sometime over the summer.

For Issue #2 there was an exhibition at Underground Gallery in London, which worked really well. Having a launch night/exhibition is something I'm going to try and do for each release.  I'm also currently finalising plans for an exhibition in Helsinki for over the summer, which I'm really excited about.

If you want to find out more about the second issue or get a copy, you can do it on Of The Afternoon's online shop.

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