Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Zinio and Paper Magazine

Those of you who follow my updates regularly probably saw that a few weeks ago I ran a Zinio giveaway here on my blog. Zinio is a digital news stand with magazines from all around the world and its iPad app has become one of my favourite apps, especially for when I have some time to read before going to bed!

Zinio has asked me to be one of its brand ambassadors and of course I couldn't say no! I really like how simple to use the "reader" is on both the iPad and computer versions and I love the great magazine offer. 

This month, Zinio has offered me a subscription to a magazine of my choice and I've selected Paper Magazine. Although I had heard about it before, I had never had the chance of flicking through its pages. I just finished reading it last night and must say that I really enjoyed it - it has the perfect content balance, focusing on a great variety of topics.

I'm also subscribed to both Nylon and Nylon Guys and I'm already thinking about subscribing to something new, it's seriously addictive! If you're still not using Zinio, make sure you have a look at all the magazine offer, they have some really good prices this month!

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