Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday Zine Review #73: Justified 02

A couple of weeks ago I talked about why second issues are usually more exciting than first issues. Today, I'm bringing another example to prove this theory.

Last December I reviewed the first issue of Justified, a publication that showcases the work from student and recent graduates, along with advice from creative professionals. The second issue of this great new magazine was released just a few days ago and its editor, Joshua Ogden, messaged me to see if I'd like to review it.

The second issue of Justified comes in a new format, slightly smaller than the inaugural issue, but that, in my opinion, works better with the design and what the magazine tries to convey. 

The manifesto behind Justified remains the same: providing a concise insight into contemporary design and photography, celebrating creative individuals who are at the forefront. 

The first page of the magazine starts with this statement: "Justfied Magazine provides a breather to the blogging culture. We acknowledge the power and shareability of the internet but feel work becomes lost within the vast online community". I really like how Justified's editors believe in both platforms, online and print, and besides, some of the interviewees in this issue mention how social media and the internet have influenced the way they work.

Some of the highlights from Justified 02 include the printed photograph experiments of Sophie Tajan, the interview with London based design consultancy Two Times Elliott and the future plans of artist Luc Fuller.

Justified is distributed in stores and bookshops across UK and Europe and can also be purchased on the magazine's online shop.

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