Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Zine Review #74: Sunday Mornings at the River 01

I love every zine I receive, but from time to time you get in your mailbox something that feels really special. This is the case of Zine 01 by Sunday Mornings at the River, a publishing/editorial project started by Rebecca Rijsdijk and Sanne Poppeliers in order to promote great work at affordable prices.

When I started flicking through the pages of this little book, I felt in love with the selection of photographs. They reminded me of some of my own work and also of one of my favourite spots in my hometown, a forest that I try to visit every time I go back to Spain.

It was also nice to see some familiar names like Katherine Squier, Jeff Luker and Roberto Rubalcava, and discover the amazing work of some photographers I hadn't heard about.

Sunday Mornings at the River's manifesto reads:

"We're daydreamers and think this is the aspect most reflected in the work we chose to publish. The photographers selected for our zine are people who take their cameras with them on the road and into the mountains. They are escapists, travellers, lovers."

For those of us who don't have the chance of escaping into the mountains as often as we'd like to, Sunday Mornings at the River is a great way to travel from our own house, covered with a blanket and enjoying a cup of tea.

If you also want to travel to all these forests and mountains, you can purchase Zine 01 by Sunday Mornings at the River at their online shop.

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