Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Zine Review #93: Nous Magazine 01

If you follow the Sunday Zine Review, you probably know that I love first issues of magazines. It's always great to see new publications emerging and especially seeing how many of them are focusing on niche topics.

This is the case of Nous Magazine, a magazine featuring creative work orbiting mental illness such as depression and anxiety. The first issue has been a result of a crowdfunding campaign and it features the work of over 40 contributors who are familiar with these illnesses, as well as with the main topic for this issue, insomnia.

The Insomnia Issue presents poetry, prose, photography and illustration pieces on an A5 format and printed in two inks. Most of these pieces deal with insomnia, depression and anxiety from a personal point of view whilst others are external interpretations of these illnesses.

Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign, Nous Magazine is available in assorted cafés, bars and venues in Manchester. You can find more information about it on Nous Magazine's website.

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