Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Zine Review #96: 25/25 by Bartlomiej Lurka

This is one of the two zines that Jakub brought from Wroclaw when he went to film a new project for Future Positive a few weeks ago. This publication is part of a series of books published by Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych (Foundation for Visual Arts), an independent, non-profit arts organization dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the visual arts in Poland.

25/25 is a project by Polish portrait and documentary photographer Bartlomiej Lurk. In 25/25, Bartlomiej analyses 25 years of his dad's life, documenting the objects that surrounded him to try to find out who he is and used to be. 

The book is a collection of photographs documenting all these objects that belonged to Bartlomiej's dad, including love letters, postcards and family photos taken before Bartlomiej was born. It also features the first doodles drawn by  Bartlomiej together with his dad.

You can find more about the project on Bartlomiej's site and purchase a copy of the book at Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych's shop.

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