Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday Zine Review #87: Bruised 02

Bruised is a zine published by creative collective Freeways Collide. Established in 2009, first as a blog and later as an art space and sponsorship program, Freeways Collide decided to focus their strength and create their first zine, Bruised, earlier this year.

Bruised is a photography zine edited by Freeways Collide's founders, Lowell Ong and Sara Todd. The second issue is called 'Merging Oceans' and is a collection of photographs taken by Lowell and Sara, showcasing moments of their lives in California.

I've really enjoyed the selection of images for this issue, maybe because I love anything that has to do with California, but I like that there's a voyeuristic element in some of the photographs and how there's, somehow, an overall feeling of loneliness in the zine.

Bruised is available at selected bookshops in the US and also at Freeways Collide's online store.

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