Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday Zine Review #84: Loch Ness by Jamie Stoker

Today's second review is Loch Ness by Jamie Stoker. When Jamie messaged me to show me his book Loch Ness, I was really excited to receive a copy for review.

The first lines of this little photography book read: 

"While most children dream of becoming an astronaut or footballer when they grow up, it was something far more obscure that held my attention as a boy... I wanted to be a cryptozoologist."

I'm sure some of you felt the same way as Jamie when you were little, at least I did! I wasn't maybe that obsessed with cryptids but I remember a phase when I was reading a lot about the Yeti. What attracted me about Loch Ness is that Jamie decided to bring back this childhood fascination and turn it into a photo project that now has also become a book.

In Loch Ness, Jamie has collated part of the research and photographs he took whilst visiting this Scottish lake. The book features fragments from his interviews with people who have dedicated almost their whole life to prove the existence (or non existence) of some type of creature living in the lake. The book's format is also really nice, using Riso printing and with a layout and design that works really well with Jamie's photographs.

If you're interested in Loch Ness, you can view the whole project and buy a copy of the book on Jamie Stoker's website.

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