Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Zine Review #86: The Thames Link by Dorrell Merritt

Today's second review is The Thames Link by Dorrell Merritt. Dorrell is a fine art photographer and writer based in London. I came across Dorrell online (probably Twitter or Tumblr, really can't remember) a while ago and we exchanged a few emails about photography. 

Quite recently, Dorrell messaged me to talk about his first book and he seemed really excited about it. There's lots of reasons to be excited about a first book, but Dorrell should also feel really proud of The Thames Link.

In this book, Dorrell has collated photographs from his night journeys on the Thameslink train line. There's always something really intriguing in everyday situations and routines like riding the train or bus to work, but it's difficult to portray this and to find the unexpected in something we do every day. Dorrell has managed to do this in The Thames Link, capturing the loneliness of the night ride and details that probably remain hidden for most of the regular passengers of this train line.

The book also includes three poems that Dorrell wrote on his own experiences, memories and the historical significance of the line. 

You can buy the book online at Dorrell's website or at Tate Modern, Claire de Rouen and Donlon Books in London.

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