Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Zine Review #85: Shoppinghour 10

I'm really happy to talk about Shoppinghour again on today's first review. In October last year, I published an interview with its editor, Peter Eramian, here on the blog. Peter introduced the magazine to the Sunday Zine Review readers and also talked about the whole cycle of producing a publication.

Now on its tenth issue, Shoppinghour presents a bigger format that reflects the growth and evolution of the magazine. This is a well-deserved change for a publication that focuses on, somehow, niche topics, bringing the arts, social sciences and humanities together.

This new format is also accompanied by a larger number of contributors from all over the world. South African photographer Nico Krijno, Glaswegian artist Niall Macdonal or Polish director and writer Michal Kosakowski are just a few of the collaborators who have contributed their photographs, artworks and texts to the tenth issue of Shoppinhour.

Shoppinghour 10 is now available at Shoppinghour's online shop and also at selected bookshops across United Kingdom, Europe, New York, Tokio, Seoul and South Africa. You can find more information about the distributors on Shoppinghour's website.

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