Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Zine Review #36: Mr. Spoqui #36

Amanda Baeza, one of the founders of Mr. Spoqui, sent me a copy of their latest issue this week.

Mr. Spoqui is probably one of the most original zines I've seen in a while. On the cover, the first thing you notice is the phrase "Family Zine" placed under the title. This publication is put together by 4 Chilean siblings who are currently living in Portugal (the zine is composed of English, Spanish and Portoguese texts)

Amanda (21), Milena (19), Blanca (16) and Tiago (13) create a new zine around a different topic every two months.

The theme for this issue is Ceramics. It's great to see how the 4 siblings work together, creating the articles, illustrations and even comics that take part of the zine.

This issue features interviews with several ceramic artists - including Giorgio Di Palma - texts related to this art discipline and a bunch of great photos and drawings.

Don't forget to follow Mr. Spoqui on Twitter and find out more about the zine on their site.

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TheRainWillRemain said...

True! Thanks for letting me know! Just changed them.

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