Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Zine Review #35: Getaway by Yoshiyuki Matsumura

When I started writing this review, I didn't know anything at all about Yoshiyuki Matsumura, the photographer of Geatway. Jakub (who recently posted some photos of the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition in Glasgow that you should check!) showed me the zine and asked if I wanted to review it.

The first thing I liked was the format (A6), which is not really conventional in a photography zine and may not be the best size to display photos, but it works with the images featured in Getaway.

Having a look at the photo selection, I can't think of a better format for the zine. The images collected in Getaway look like a group of memories gathered from different places visited by the photographer.

Yoshiyuki has also produced other two zines following the same format, you can find more info about them on his site.

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