Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sunday Zine Review #23: Not Now - We let you down

Not Now is a design collective based in Manchester and composed of 5 members. The members of this collective are also the interns at OWT Creative, another design collective that publishes a monthly zine which I have reviewed a couple of times before.

The guys at OWT have also started to publish other zines, including the first publication by Not Now. 'We let you down' is a photography zine and an exhibition that opened last Thursday at Cord Bar in Manchester.

Each member of Not Now was given a disposable camera and snapped the streets of Manchester in 24 hours. The zine is the combination of the photographs taken by the members of the collective.

I visited Manchester around 3 times when I was living in Liverpool and always regreted not having spent more time in there. The guys of Not Now describe We let you down as 'a visual journey through the beauty and decay of the city of Manchester', and that's probably what I felt when I first visited Manchester, that same feeling I got when I moved to Glasgow 3 years ago.

We let you down is distributed free of charge around Manchester and the exhibition can still be visited at Cord bar.

You can follow Not Now on Facebook for future updates of their activities.

Thanks to Jon Hannan from OWT Creative for sending the zine.

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