Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Zine Review #19: 84/20 seconds by Alexander Alekseenko

I discovered Alexander Alekseenko's work around 2 years ago, he collaborated in a zine called Volzsk, which I used to make with some friends back in Spain.

When I was putting together the first issue of Girls on Film he sent me again some of his work, I couldn't be more glad cause I love his photographs and besides it was the first number of the zine so no one knew in advance how it was gonna look like.

84/20 seconds is in Alexander's own words

"The following photographs were taken during the period of June and July 2011 using Ricoh R10 compact camera and 4 rolls of Fuji Superia iso200 film.

Within two months I tried to document the abrupt change my life took and capture the new environment I have thrown myself into. The city, being the major theme, is interpreted in various ways focusing on and emphasizing its obscure side."

I've never been to Eastern Europe but after seeing the selection of images I definitely want to check out that obscure side.

There's something in Alexander's style , he knows how to make a simple snapshoot look amazing, both in his personal and fashion work. In the past 2 years I've seen him grow and develop his work and it just keeps on getting better.

Get your copy of 84/20 seconds here before it sells out or you'll regret it, because I'm sure he's gonna become really big!

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Sara Brown said...

Hi there! Thanks for the information about this photographer. Life in Eastern Europe looks really mysterious and sometimes even mystical. I saw some pics by the other photographers of the former USSR and they have something in common, some mystery I would say.