Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Zine Review #22: Circulación #2

Circulación is a collaborative project between 8 photographers, each of them edits a selection of the work from the other photographers, and therefore its name (Circulation) refers to the whole editing process.

Martina Maffini is one of these photographers, she sent me a copy of the second issue of this interesting project (thanks a lot). The other photographers are Paula Barbetti, Leandro Ibarra, Leticia Lahitte, Soledad Manrique, Amapola Sebastiani, Victoria Onassis and Tomás Ruiz. Plus one guest photographer in each new issue.

Circulación #2 is a great selection of photographs. The way the photographs have been laid out gives this zine/photo book a really personal feeling. They look like memories from a holiday with their loved ones, that have been collected and put into a photo album.

I love how portraits and landscapes work so well together in the pages of this publication, and would love to hear about the story behind each of the photos.

Apart from an amazing selection of images, the paper quality and the format (17x24cm) make this small book unique.

Each issue is a limited edition of 500 copies, you can find Circulación in the following bookshops or you can also get yours by sending an email to

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