Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Zine Review #07: Synchrodogs by Atem Books

When I went back home for spending Christmas in Spain I checked my mailbox and had this nice little book, Emma and María from Atem Books had sent it to me.

Synchrodogs are a photographers couple (Tania & Roman) from Ukraine, they have become pretty huge during 2011 and they were the cover of Girls on Film 03. If you haven't seen their work before then I would strongly recommend to check their site as I'm sure they won't stop doing things during this new year.

The book is a collection of their first works, Tania is the main subject in most of the images, where she can be found making the weirdest poses in non conventional locations. I love the selection of photographs and the graphic layout really adds to the aesthetics of Synchrodogs. If you got some money during this Christmas I suggest to invest it on the book as I'm sure they will sell out pretty soon!

Also check Atem Book's site for taking a look at more books and zines, the work that Emma and María are making with this independent publishing house is amazing!

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