Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Recent publications

Over the last month I've had some work published in a couple of magazines. Last Friday I received a copy of the latest issue of Material Girl magazine with my editorial After School in it. It was great to also find Lara Alegre in there with a beautiful editorial. Lara is a Spanish photographer whose work has been published in Girls on Film a few times and whom I met on my trip to Berlin last year.

In this issue there is also work by Girls on Film contributors Flora Deborah and Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert so I'd definitely recommend buying a copy if you can find it in your town!

Here are some photos of the magazine, you can see the rest of the editorial on my website.

I've also had a photo published and I've been interviewed in the "light issue" of Korean magazine AVEC. They chose a photo from my personal series "I Used to Live Here" and asked me a few questions about it and my work. There are also some other familiar photographers in this issue like Katherine Squier and Sandra Eichinger.

And finally, I've decided to use my Instagram account to post some of my work and behind the scenes there. Here's a photo from the shoot for I Heart Magazine in Glasgow last month. The editorial will be out in January!


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