Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sunday Zine Review turns one year old

The Sunday Zine Review turns one year old! This project started just to have an excuse to update my blog every week. One year later, I've featured over 50 different zines and independent magazines from all around the world.

To celebrate the first anniversary, I'm giving away a copy of my zine "I Used To Live Here". All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me all the places you've lived in during your life and don't forget to leave your email address as well.

I'll choose a winner in a couple of weeks from all the comments received.

Good luck!


the white ribbon said...

The first place I've lived was in Fogueteiro, Portugal and I've stayed there for 10 years. After that, my parents got a new house and we moved to Seixal, Portugal. When I turned 18 I moved away from my parents and went to live and study in Castelo Branco, Portugal for 4 years. Currently I'm living in London where I moved in January to start my internship as a graphic designer and ended staying. x

Ruby Mae Hinepunui Solly said...

I was born at the foot of Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand. I lived in a dairy for 5 years. Then I lived in a house bus in the same village. After that I moved into a House Bus in Whakapapa village (by the mountain) and I lived there for 2 years. Then I moved into a small rail town called Raurimu where I lived in a house that used to be a bank (our food was kept in the safe). Then I went to live with my grandparents who owned a motel in Rotorua, I used to make beds for small change. Then for a while I was passed around my family members, I lived with my uncle who was a doctor in the red light district of New Zealand's largest city. Then I moved into a small fishing cabin by lake Taupo, with only two other families permanently living on my street. I would play guitar on other people's porches. Now, I'm going to move back to Rotorua to live with my Grandad, but this time I'll be living in a town house. Maybe I'll still get small change for making the beds...

E said...

Congrats!!┌( ◔,◔)┘
I grew up in the Mississippi River valley metropolis of the Quad Cities in Illinois/Iowa, US. At 18 I moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US, to go to the art school there. Now I live in sub-tropical Naples, Florida, US, just outside the Everglades. ☮

amba said...

1990_lisbon (portugal); 1992_viña del mar (chile) ; 2000_lisbon again ; 2010_bilbao (españa) ; 2011_lisbon again ; 20??_next stop? unknown!


Kevin J. Hsia said...

I've stayed mostly in one place - Illinois! But my most recent move was from the suburbs (Naperville) into big city Chicago :)

Anonymous said...

- hospital in Cambridge, MA USA, a few days in 1986, after I was born.
- a red brick building, 50 Follen St, by a park in Harvard Square. I was a baby and don't remember, but I sometimes ride my bike past there and try to remember what it was like.
- Olive St, Winchester, MA, USA. Childhood, youth, family, suburb, high school, green trees, desert sand patch in yard, broken tree from hurricane, tree bump in yard, tree house, train tracks. Until college.
- Elliott St, Beverly MA. 2004-5. freshman year art school. Roomates, rat, scissors haircut, fire alarms, virginity, veggie sub, zines, pizza trash, diy punk, dane st. beach, acoustic guitar.
- Winter St, Beverly MA 2005-6. Sophmore art school. 8 housemates, 2 rats, tile floors, onion plant, dirty fucking dishes, fabric fort, project runway, knitting circle, sex on bathroom floor, breakfast table sunbeam.
- Bow St, Beverly MA 2006-7. Junior year. Hallway space at top of stairs, desk in closet, tv noise, tapestry fabric wall, cd player with against me, green milkcrate, track lights, boyfriend, painting in 2-foot-square patch on carpet, clothes hanging over swirly staircase, pee in the empty-neighbors apartment next door because ours was occupied, skateboarding at night, bike over the bridge.
- Pleasent St, Beverly MA 2007-8. Dude roomates from craigslist, cozy rooftop patch out bedside window, science party, glowing globe, cereal in a sunbeam, tiny space.
- Knowlton St, Beverly MA, 2008. One month. senior year, friends, mattress in living room, red wine, pumpkin windshield, sunny balcony, plants, moved house via bicycle drunk in the night, carpet staircase, cozy friends, music jams, how I want to live. 5 housemates. art friends. dearly missed
- Olive St, Winchester MA, 2008-9. basement bed, studio workshop room, big paintings, europe thoughts, breakup, festering,
- Mansfield St, Allston MA, 2009. summer sublet, collective living, 12 people, radicals, activism, queer, drunk, stripes in basement, falling in love, new friends, yerba mate, support, more support, dirty wooden kitchen floor- covered in love and dirty bare feet. couches and posters and warmth.
- Anton-Saefkow-Platz, Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany, 2009-10. Depressing, alone, solitary, white walls, plastic floors, shitty everything, no friends, devoid of love and community, lost, snow, cold.
- Adalbertstraße, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany, 2010. Living with a best friend, busy neighborhood, window to main street, dried roses on windowsill, cut-up door for a desk, armchsir found in a park covered in snow, woodstove heating, burn mark on arm only visible in cold water, science-themed birthday party
- Olive St, Winchester MA 2010-2011. visit home. one page zine in the Diesel cafe. big snow, traveling, vermont.
- Manfred von Richthofenstraße, Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany, 2011-2012. Big house, big love, 7 housemates, then 16, shared room, roomate heartache, surpressed sexuality, big parties, big dinners, community, space, collective living
- Tempelhofer Damm, Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany, 2012. One month so far, loud loud traffic window, ticking noise in wall from heater, streetlamp brightness, minor insomnia, solitary time, 6 housemates, handsome dog, wood floors, circus-tent bed, zines, focus.

Benas Alimas said...

I have lived in Elektrėnai, Lithuania for most of my live but now I moved to Vilnius, Lithuania a year ago ;)
Pointless name dropping because no one probably know any of these places :D right?
but hey! an opportunity to win a beautiful zine.

congrats by the way on your anniversary. I am about to publish my own zine - will send you a copy for review!

Anonymous said...

and oh! forgot one:
- Broadway st, Oakland, CA, 2007. spring semester abroad, skateboarding, painting, cheating, dormitory housing, vegan, succulents, sun, whiskey, plastic knife to fend off bobcat, emotional and literal earthquake.


Jasmine said...

I was born in San Francisco, CA and lived there for 5 years. We went from a nice house in Daly City, to in apartment in the city and then moved to a house in Geneva Avenue. When I was six, I moved to Puerto Rico and I've been living here ever since. I've lived in 5 different houses all within the cities of Guaynabo and San Juan, Puerto Rico :)

Diegodp said...

I born in Barcelona where I lived 2 years, then 7 in Madrid, 3 in Zaragoza and now 6 so far in Sevilla. And my family is from Palencia, so quite a mess.

diegodiezp [at] gmail [dot] com