Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Zine Review #44: Zine Arcade 4

Today's second review is Zine Arcade 4, a really cool 'interactive' zine.

Andrew Owen Johnston is in charge of Zine Arcade, a publishing house that produces limited edition zines mainly focusing on comic and illustration.

Zine Arcade 4 is a compilation of work from different artists from all around the world, featuring 40 pages of illustration, comics and photographs.

The best thing about Zine Arcade 4 is that it is self described as a collaborative sketchbook, where readers are encouraged to participate including their drawings, doodles and notes.

I love this interaction idea, and although I still haven't left my mark on it, I will definitely do it next week!

Andrew is looking for collaborators for the new issue that will be published in 2013, you can find more information about it on Zine Arcade's site and buy the current issue on the online shop.

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