Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Zine Review #43: Cabeças by O Panda Gordo

I'm back this week with a couple of illustration zines. The first one is Cabeças by Portuguese independent publishing project O Panda Gordo.

Joao Sobral, a Communication Design student at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Oporto University, is the name behind this project. Joao has already edited 15 different publications with O Panda Gordo, mainly focusing on illustration and photography.

For Cabeças (heads in English), 5 friends from the Communication Design course got together to draw different heads. A simple idea that has produced a really nice result.

Cabeças is 28 pages of different heads. From human heads and cat heads to tribal heads and bearded heads!

You can find more information about the zine on O Panda Gordo's site and buy a copy on their online shop for just 4€.

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