Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Zine Review #02: OWT #09 'Chance'

Second Sunday Zine Review, this time OWT #09 'Chance' .

OWT is a design collective based in Manchester, I discovered them when I was living in Liverpool and immediately liked what they do. The 4 members of the collective put together a zine called OWT with a different theme for each issue, so a few months ago I decided to send them some of my work for OWT #05 'Atmosphere'.

I loved the result so I sent a couple of photos for OWT #09 'Chance' . The zine is a collection of photos, illustration, collage and other types of media (you can even find an original Kodachrome slide) put together nicely in a quite innovative format. Browsing through the zine you can find different interpretations of the theme 'Chance' by 20 creatives.

You can find more about OWT by clicking here and order a copy here.

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