Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Zine Review #01: Bronze Age #01

I've just decided to do this new section on my blog, the Sunday Zine Review! So if everything goes well expect a new review every Sunday at around this time :)

I was in Glasgow last Thursday and paid a visit to Mono. When I was living there I knew about Mono just around 3 months before leaving, it was a shame but actually it was good for my money cause I would have been spending every single penny there.

This new space called Good Press Gallery has just opened in Mono. They sell a huge selection of fanzines and I wish I had had some more money with me when I visited them. I browsed through several publications and finally decided to buy a copy of the first issue of Bronze Age.

What I first liked about it was the paper used on the cover and the fact that it was hand stitched, inside there's a great selection of young artists from several disciplines. Bronze Age is curated by Justin Bailey and Nick Lynch. For more info on the project and on how to get a copy visit their site.

I hope to see a new issue soon!

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