Wednesday, 20 November 2013


I've just realized that I haven't updated the blog in a while. It's probably the longest I've been without posting anything new since I created the blog in 2009 so I'm gonna try to go back to the weekly updates.

These are some photos I took during my trip to Wroclaw, Poland, last month. It was my first time there and was really impressed by the architecture and also the light was amazing. You can see them bigger along with more photos on my website:

Over the last few weeks I've been busy with other projects. Last month I also shot the second part of my series A Day in Glasgow which should be up here on the blog by the end of next week. I've also created a new website for Girls on Film and I've been spending more time on Future Positive. Also add the 7.5h a day of my full-time job and you may understand why there hasn't been any update in so long!

Apart from this, I'm shooting an editorial for French magazine I Heart this Saturday. The magazine team travels to a different city for each issue and this time they've chosen Glasgow (good choice!).

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