Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday Zine Review #100: When Our Enamel Rots by Viktoria A. Lisbet

After more than a year and a half reviewing zines almost every Sunday, I've reached the 100th review! It's an exciting time and I guess 100 is a number that could be considered a milestone. 

There won't be more reviews for a couple of months after this one. I need some time to focus on my parallel projects (Future Positive), but I promise I'll be back with some great zines. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Facebook Page for zine-related news!

When Our Enamel Rots by Viktoria A.Lisbet is one of the Pogo Books' publications I received months ago. Viktoria is an Austrian photographer currently living in the United States who likes to shoot highly-saturated images and what he describes as scenes of "slapstick erotica".

The book is a collection of all the scenes along with a selection of some of his personal images.  Viktoria's portraits are a mixture between candid and staged situations where the subjects are presented in a surreal manner, whilst his still life photography is random and direct.

When Our Enamel Rots is the second monograph that the Austrian photographer produced for Pogo Books last year. You can find more information about Viktoria's work in this interviews with No Thoughts and Kaltblut Magazine.

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