Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Zine Review #60: romka 7

When I was first starting with the Sunday Zine Review, I wrote a small post about the sixth issue of romka. After discovering the magazine, I was really looking forward to the new issue so it was a nice suprise when its editor, Joscha Brucker, messaged me about sending me some copies to review.

For those of you who haven't heard about romka, it is little photography magazine which showcases photographs and the stories behind them.

Founded by Joscha Bruckert 4 years ago, romka has become a cult publication in the independent publishing scene. This magazine is now a global platform where professional and amateur photographers archive their memories in the shape of a collective photo album. Emerging artists and established photographers like Alec Soth have shared their images and explained everything behind them.

Issue 7 of romka features photographs by over 50 different artists. Each of these images is accompanied by a text describing why it is so important to the respective photographer.  There’s a nice balance of stories, with a focus on really different topics, from family and holidays to death and childhood memories.

Love plays an important role in this issue and Joscha has selected 12 photographs related to this subject, which have been laid out in a minimal design, with the size of the images similar to the dimensions of a slide or a 35mm frame.

This issue also features an excerpt from a private photo album from Friedrich Tietjen’s collection, consisting of handprinted black and white photographs showing a typical German middle class home from the 50’s.

The last pages of romka 7 are dedicated to bad photographs, adding a touch of humour to the publication. Back in 2009, Joscha asked photographers from all around the world to send their worst photographs. The final selection included in this issue (presented by carp fishers holding the images) have been “anti-curated” by Joscha and some important names in the contemporary photography world, like artist Joachim Schmid and Bruno Ceschel from Self Publish, Be Happy.

 If you want to get a copy of this issue, you can do it on romka's online shop.

Joscha has kindly sent me several copies of the new issue so I've decided to give away a copy! All you have to do is visit the Sunday Zine Review on FB, and like and share THIS PHOTO.

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