Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Zine Review #32: Bikeshed 01

A couple of weeks ago, the girls behind Bikeshed zine started following me on Twitter. They were presenting the zine at Nottingham Zine Fair and I asked them if they wanted to have it reviewed here.

Last Friday I received a nice package consisting of Bikeshed 01, a tote bag and some stickers and cards. Thanks a lot again for sending it!

The first issue of Bikeshed is called the Locker Talk issue. The zine features photos, collages and texts around those years at secondary school and everything that was happening during the classes and behind the bike shed.

I love the idea and really like how Bryony, Holly and Hannah (the editors of Bikeshed) have come up with the different sections that compose the publication.

The Detention Slip feature is great, it is a collection of – hopefully real – detention notes from different schools and years. Photographer Tommy Francis portrays the middle class youth of South West London, and some of the most memorable school experiences of the zine contributors are shared along photos of drawings and texts carved on the class’ desks.

If you like what you’ve read and want to get a copy of the zine you can do it here for just £4!

Remember to follow Bikeshed on Twitter to stay updated on any future issues!

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