Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Zine Review #29: Mint Milk 01

Erica Parrott sent me a copy of her latest zine, Mint Milk. It was nice to receive an illustration zine, because most of the stuff I review is photography related.

This is the first issue of Mint Milk and I really hope to see some more in the future. I use photography as a journal and it looks like Erica is doing the same with this zine. The pages of Mint Milk are filled with drawings representing some moments of her life.

It is a really funny zine, I loved the pages talking about Art Basel (Erica lives in Florida). Although Mint Milk mainlly contains "fast drawings" and sketches, I've been checking Erica's site and she has some really amazing work using colour.

Check her Etsy profile to buy Mint Milk and her other zines!

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