Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Zine Review #14: OWT #11

Jon Hannan from OWT Creative sent me the latest issue of their zine yesterday.

I knew about OWT Creative when I was living in Liverpool, I sent them some of my work for one of their zines and discovered all the stuff these guys do.

They are a design collective based in Manchester and they publish this monthly zine which features work from people based in the Northwest of England. I love the zine, I have two of the previous issue but every new one they release is even better.

The theme for this issue was trial and error. It features work from 22 creatives from different fields, and what I probably like the most about OWT is that every zine is unique. This one for example has a real coffee cup stain in one of the pages, amazing!

This is a limited edition of 125 and they sell really fast, if you want to grab a copy you can do it at their shop!

Thanks again for sending the copy Jon! If you want your zine to be reviewed, post a comment below or drop me a message to

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