Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Thumbsucker photobook

Yesterday I felt really lucky. I went to see Death Cab For Cutie in Manchester (nice show, saw them live finally but don't think I would pay for seeing them again) and just when I walked out of the train station saw this shop and this book in the window. Just ran inside and bought it, had been looking for it for so long.

Thumbsucker is probably my favourite movie, I remember watching it in Gijón Film Festival and feeling so close to it, from the music (R.I.P. Elliott Smith) to the photography.
Mike Mills is its director and does other pretty cool thing as these, and has a new movie just coming out in UK in 2 weeks (I think), Beginners.

The photobook feels so coherent with the movie, the selection of photographers fits perfectly the aesthetics of it. Some of my favourites as Ryan Mcginley or Ed Templeton are in it along with Mark Borthwick, Todd Cole and Takashi Homma.

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