Saturday, 30 April 2011

North wind blew South

model: Marta Doldán
styling: Marta Doldán & Igor Termenón

We shot this last Wednesday, I love when I'm back home cause I can take my car everywhere when I'm shooting and it actually makes things much easier and it's always good times driving looking for locations and listening to music. The soundtrack for this shoot was It never rains in Southern California by Albert Hammond and part of the styling and locations were inspired in it.

I really enjoyed shooting it, it had been a long time without working with Marta and besides I've included some of my favourite things in the photos: forests, native american patterns and cactus.

There are more photos from the shoot, you can check them in bigger quality in my cargo collective or flickr. Hope you enjoy them.


La Premio Queen said...

Chacho, pero qué esto? AMAR!, pero mira foto cactusitos ajjaja cuan Igor es eso? MIL!

Kami said...

Very nice pics! Your blog has style!