Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I don't have new photos so I decided to upload this. You may recognize it, it's some behind the scenes from a photoshoot I did back in April. Sorry for the scanning quality!
In case you want to take a look at the photoshoot:

Soko Zine issue 01

pages 26-31

I hope to have new photos in a few days and I really need to shoot some fashion!!
models please contact me hahaha!


olivia rae said...

omg, this picture is stunning! lovely photograph all around, and she is beautiful. i would kill for that hair...

Anonymous said...

Que genial.
Sigo enamorado de esa chaqueta!

Miriam said...

Me gusta mucho esta, Igor :)

Antía Van Weill said...

Preciosa foto, eres todo un artista
Y ese pelo es puro amor-envidia