Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Accidents & Emergencies

I forgot, issue #04 of Magnificent Magazine was released today, I've got 2 fashion editorials in it, "The girls are back in town" and "Flora", check it here:

Magnificent Magazine


Banshee Beat said...

Hey Igor!
congrats on the interview below vvv
thats so cool, your photos lately are so lovely, like they always are.
Im featured as urban outfitters next about a girl, which is exciting, the photoshoot and interview will be up late sept. ill give you the link when its up. So yeah its been exciting lately. How are you, and how has your summer been?

Banshee Beat said...

Yes, i will for sure.
Thats cool, sounds really good.


i saw your work in mag mag. very cool - especially like the vibe you had going in 'flora'.

.A. said...

bueno vale ya no!

menuda competencia la tuya!xD

me alegro mucho!

Anonymous said...

Ya las había visto, pero me he vuelto a enamorar.

TheRainWillRemain said...

jajaj gracias a ambos!

Anonymous said...

"The girls are back in town" looks completely wonderful. Amazing work, sir.

And I can only hope that the title of this entry is derived from the Patrick Wolf song!