Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Aww, these days are being so boring and I'm being so lazy...I start my exams in one week and I just feel that I should be studying the whole time although I've studied almost everything, and here the exams are way easier but I guess I'm used do it like I did back home, i.e. study every single thing just in case... so if I'm not studying it's like I feel guilty.

Anyway, I don't even want to go out, yesterday I did and bought a ticket for Crystal Antlers+Times New Viking on the 19th May, it's the day when the exams are over so it's gonna be great, now I need to buy more tickets to other gigs I want to go to before I leave in June.

My back has been aching since yesterday and today I just feel like staying in bed, I don't know why the hell I've been waking up so early these two last days when the only thing I do is study like 2 hours and then spend the whole morning in front of the computer or watching tv shows, I just watched the last episode of 90210 haha, great by the way, and yesterday I watched Breaking Bad and Beberly Hills 90210 (the original series).

So that's what I'm doing these days,pretending to study, watching mainly awful tv shows that I love and moaning about everything!

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.A. said...

bueno bueno!estas prometiendo lo `prometido´ y este blog sigue adelante!...

mi contacto con lo analogico tendra que tan cazurro que me dejaron una camara,tome las 24 fotos con todo el cuidado del mundo y tachan!cuando voy a por el carrete a la tienda me dicen que no hay nada!

no lo puse bien y se solto!asique nunca hice las fotos!xD